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Interviewing Home Builders: Questions to Ask

Updated: Mar 14

Research Home Builders Online

First things first when contemplating building a new home on your lot. Please get to know on-your-land home builders by researching their websites and understanding what is involved when building a new home. Most home builders have a plethora of online information, including floor plans, standard features, blog articles, informative guides, and much more. You can also Google "building a home on my land," which will provide another avenue for learning more about this online.

Researching Home Builders Online from Home
Researching Home Builders Online

Interview Multiple New Home Builders to Choose the Best

After your website review of multiple on-your-lot home builders, choose a few to contact and have a phone conversation or set up in-person meetings to interview your potential new home builders. Review with them what is and is not included in the base price of their new homes, as every builder can differ in what they call "standard features." Like VisionMaker Homes, some builders pride themselves on offering a Turnkey Solution or Turnkey Package, which minimizes your involvement during your home build. Other builders will pitch having you perform "sweat equity" tasks during your home build will garner you a massive equity position after your home is complete; however, these tasks can be daunting and may not produce as much equity as you think. From experience, I know that managing subcontractors can be a daunting task if it is not something you have experience with. It can also slow your home-building process, lengthening your build timeline. At the same time, you pay more interest on your construction loan. FYI - most construction lenders now require all homes be built "turnkey" with no owner involvement in the construction management. 

Compare Builder's Value Proposition

Understanding the value each home builder offers is an integral part of choosing the best builder for your project. Selecting your builder may take focus or be as clear as day for you. Either way, avoid getting caught up in the price vs. the value offered. A lower price almost always comes with fewer features, so you must upgrade to add the features you want, which can get expensive. The upgrade options are priced with a higher profit margin than if the features are included in the home as a standard feature. That means if you compare a builder with more value features in their home to a builder with fewer standard features and more upgrades, you will pay more for the "cheaper" home once you get to a direct comparison.

Select Your Builder

Exciting times! You've compared builders side by side and educated yourself on the building process. Now you understand in more depth what you need to know when building a custom home on your land and what you want for the builder of your new home. Choosing your builder is a great place to be. It should be celebrated because the work you complete upfront will pay dividends once construction begins.

Ready, Set, Start Building!

Of course, we want you to choose us to build your new home on your land; however, we also want you to be informed and confident you have made the right choice. By completing your home builder due diligence, as explained above, you will have the information to make the best decision and feel great about who you are choosing to build your new home.

If you want to learn more about the option of building a new customized home on your land, even if it's just to explore if this is an option to consider, contact us by email at or give us a call at 541-678-3607 to learn more. We are here to help when you are ready!


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