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I Don't Own Land and Want to Build A Home!

Updated: Mar 14

Locating buildable land for my new home.
Finding land to build your dream home

If you're interested in building a home on your own land, you may wonder how you can do so without owning any land. This is a common point of confusion, but it's important to note that many people who build homes on their own lots do not own land when they first begin researching homebuilding (see Tip #3). In fact, starting the process with a builder can be a great way to learn about what to look for when searching for land, and to get budget estimates for developing the land into a great building site. In this article, we'll explore the steps you can take to determine whether on-your-land homebuilding is a viable option for you.

Tip #1 - Explore online before meeting with builders

"Ready, set, Google!" Searching online is an excellent way to begin your research journey into homebuilding. You can start by searching for topics such as building a new home on your land, on-your-lot home builders near you, building a new home in a specific location such as Central Oregon, or anything else related to building a custom home that comes to your mind. The on-your-lot home building process is similar to building a custom home, with the main difference being that you will be working with a builder who specializes in value engineering and designing more affordable homes that do not cost millions of dollars. The goal is to build quality homes with the option of customizing the builder's stock house plans to fit your property's unique features and vision.

Still interested in learning more about home building then go to step #2

Tip #2 - Shop Multiple Homebuilders

When you are shopping for home builders, it is similar to the "date your builder" phase where you do not have to make any commitments. Instead, you can learn about what they offer and ask lots of questions. Some important questions to ask include what to look for when searching for land and if they work with local real estate agents who specialize in looking for land. If you get a referral from a builder, it can be a great way to get a warm recommendation to someone who knows the ins and outs of searching for land. Furthermore, if a builder is willing to look at land before you buy, it is even better. It is always in the builder's best interest to help you when looking at land and provide their professional expertise on the land you're considering for building. If your builder is too busy or does not offer this service, then move to the next, who will take their time to help guide your land-buying process. It is that important!

Quick Tip: When communicating with builders, you should ask which construction lenders they recommend. You will be able to find a few that specialize in construction loans, and you will hear the name of the lending institution from multiple builders to start your contact list for interviewing construction loan specialists when you are ready.

If on your land homebuilding is still an option go to step #3

Tip #3 - No commitment land search

When you are ready to start searching for land, it is recommended that you contact a local real estate agent or visit Zillow online to create land searches. By doing so, you will receive up-to-date land listings as soon as they hit the market. Once you have found a potential property, you can either drive by the lot or have a real estate agent set up a showing for you to walk the lot. It’s important to take the route that you feel most comfortable with. Remember that the purpose of this process is to determine whether or not building your own home on a lot is right for you, so try to enjoy the ride!

Ready to continue learning? Proceed to to step #4

Tip #4 - Learn about land and construction loans

Getting to know different construction loan lenders is crucial if you plan on building a new home on your lot. It will help you move fast in getting a loan approved and put your building lot under contract. Choosing a knowledgeable and skilled construction loan professional and lending institution is essential in home construction.

It's important to ask about their loan types, especially if you plan on buying land first and then waiting to build. You will need a land loan, which not all lenders offer. Some only provide all-in-one or two-step construction loans with a 12-month requirement that the home be completed within that time frame. If you're not ready, but you will be in a few years, a lot loan will be your ticket to securing your property for building. When the time is right to build, you can start your construction loan process.

Wondering what's next? Move to step #5

Tip #5 - To build or not to build, that is the question

"It's time for me to decide - should I build a new home, purchase an existing one, or stay put and delay moving on from my current living situation?" This is a crucial decision, but you should feel confident in making the right choice, having extensively researched, and being a well-informed consumer. Knowing you have thoroughly explored all the options for your next home should provide peace of mind in making your decision.

Tip #6 - Got build a home on my land questions? Contact Us!

If you want to learn more about the option of building a new customized home on your land, even if it's just to explore if this is an option to consider, contact us by email at to learn more. We are here to help when you are ready!


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