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Is Building a Custom Home My Best Option?

Updated: Mar 14

On Your Land or Build On Your Lot custom home-building is an exciting option to consider when exploring options of moving on from your current housing situation and into your next new home. It is an excellent option if you own land or do not because it means you can choose where you want to live or already own land in the perfect location to call home.

A couple dreaming about building a new home on their land.
Dreaming about your Custom Built Dream Home

Benefits of Building a Customized Home

Building a new home on your land is also an excellent option for those who want to build a semi-custom home, including features that will enhance the livability of their new home and accommodate the unique features of their property. There may be a view of the mountains or waterway necessary to capture with an expansive window combination, or your must-have is a covered outdoor kitchen area for entertaining your family and friends. Whatever your homebuilding can think of and if it's within your budget, your chosen on-your-land custom homebuilder should be able to make your dream a reality.


Buying a Pre-Existing Home vs Building a New Home

What makes this a better option than purchasing an existing residential home? You know, sometimes you can find a good fit when searching for already lived-in homes that align with most of your requirements, but what does on-your-land homebuilding offer in addition to a resale home? Flexibility in the location of where you want to live and the flexibility in customizing your new home how you want it to be enjoyed for many years to come. There is much less settling for what already is in on-your-land homebuilding versus buying a pre-existing resale home.

Remodel or Build New, What Should I Do?

You might remodel a pre-existing resale home because of its perfect location. That is true; remodeling these homes is a good option. However, starting from scratch is the best option for some. As explained above, it gives you tremendous flexibility to customize your home just the way you want without having to start with someone else's dream. There can also be a tremendous number of surprises when choosing to remodel and overages because of multiple unknowns before the start of your renovation.

Building a Custom New Home On Your Land in Central Oregon

Central is a beautiful place to call home, and building your new home here is a great option to consider when searching for your next place to call home. Because of the dry climate, new home construction happens all year round, with potential bumps in the road during the wintertime due to freezing soils or snowfall. However, new homes are built all year round. No matter where you are building in Central Oregon, ensure your builder understands the importance of pre-contract due diligence. Research is the most crucial step, pre-construction. You should complete all research before you receive a final bid from any builder. This step will reduce the surprises and cost increases during the construction of your new home and make for a more enjoyable home build.

Explore All Options to Make Your Best Decision!

Of course, we are partial to building a new home on your land. Any options explained might be your best value when moving on from your current living situation. If you do want to learn more about the option of building a new customized home on your land, even if it's just to explore if this is an option to consider, contact us by email at or give us a call at 541-678-3607 to learn more. We are here to help when you are ready!


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