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Best Time to Start Building Your Dream Home

Updated: Mar 14

Central Oregon is a beautiful place to call home and a wonderful place to build a new home. With all four seasons, there are different hurdles for your builder to work through during construction and some may affect your homebuilding budget. So, you're asking, when is the best time to build a new home? We will answer that very question for you in this article.

A house keeping warm during the fall home building season
Central Oregon Seasonal Homebuiling

Building Your Dream Home in the Winter Season: Yes, or No?

Wintertime poses the most unknowns regarding weather and potentially can cost more to build your new home in Central Oregon. Is this one of the winters where we see a few feet of snow, or will we have zero snow and have smooth sailing in the building industry? The answer is we just don't know until we know!

What hurdles will increase your new home build in the winter will depend on the temperature, amount of precipitation Central Oregon receives, and what stage of construction your home is in during the winter months. If you are starting excavation and the ground is frozen, you have a few options. Hammer the frozen ground or utilize a ground heater to thaw your building pad. Both are good options, and which one is utilized will depend on how deep the ground is frozen. Your building will work with the subcontractors to decide which is the best route then present you with the options as this will increase your budget. You can also run into cost increases due to additives mixed in with your concrete to help the curing process in both your foundation and concrete flatwork (driveway, walkways, and patios). FYI - if you want an asphalt driveway the asphalt plans shut down in the winter, so you will have to wait until late spring to get your asphalt driveway installed. You will also be limited to when you can paint the exterior of your home so this may need to be put on hold until the temperatures increase and potentially after you move in. All this said the wintertime may not be the most expensive or the worst time of year to build. Let's move on to a Springtime home build.

Springtime On Your Land Homebuilding

Moving out of the cold winter months into the spring can be a great time to build your new home however, in Central Oregon you could still run into winter-like conditions or extreme thawing creating a muddy mess. There is a possibility to still have the same budget increases as building your home in the winter however as we stated above, it depends on the phase of construction your home is in. If your home is in the beginning stages of construction it will be affected more than if your home is in sheetrock with most of your exterior scopes of work completed. Now let's move on to building a new home in our beautiful Central Oregon summertime!

Is a Summer New Home Build in Central Oregon the Best Time?

Now your thinking, all the wet, snow, and cold are out of the way and this will be smooth sailing! For the most part that is true. Once the weather clears and temperatures increase the construction of your home does become easier with less hurdles to overcome. However this is also the time with construction ramps up for most builders as many customers want to have their homes being built in the dryer months of the year, which can creat a labor shortage and take longer to build your new home. Summer builds can also slow slightly becasue many trades are taking time off for vacation and can delay projects, not much but a week is a week. Last but not least, let's talk about building a new home in the Fall.

What to Know About Building a New Home in the Fall

Building your dream home in the Central Oregon Fall may be the best season and can be a lot like building in the Summer. Typically the weather is dry and warm through the end of October in Central Oregon. This of course changes and the weather can turn to a more wintery mix however typically the Fall is a good time to have your home under construction. Many builders depending on the stage of construction are trying to get their homes closed in and the roof installed to keep the winter weather out when the snow starts to fly. They are also working on getting the exterior scopes of work completed for instance, painting, driveways and landscaping, as these are much more difficult tasks to complete during a winter build. Overall, the Fall season home build can be a great time to be under construction depending if winter decides to come early which is possibly in Central Oregon. If we had a choice, the best time to build a new home in Central Oregon is in the Fall season, however let's us get to our best answer below.

When is the Best Season to Build My Dream Home in Central Oregon?

This is a personal answer and the best answer we can provide is when you are ready and your project is ready to be started. Home builders work all tweleve months of the year in Central Oregon and there are always hurdles to work through because of the time of year your new home is being constructed. Waiting for the perfect time is virtually impossible to calculate and that is why we say when you are ready we are ready to build.

If you want to learn more about the option of building a new customized home on your land even if it's just to explore if this is an option to consider, contact us by email at or give us a call at 541-678-3607 to learn more. We are here to help when you are ready!


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