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Build a House On My Land: Where to Start?

Updated: Mar 7

On Your Land Homebuilding is a fantastic option when considering your next new home. Compared to purchasing a pre-existing home that was someone else's dream can be an option for some, but "starting from scratch" and building your dream, in the location you desire most is a fantastic way to build the home you want, where you want!

Hand holding a house which shows items needed to research before building a custom home on your lot.
House Planning Stage of Building a Home

Where to Start to Build a House On My Land?

Research, Research, Research! Start with a search online like "homes built on your land" to identify builders in your area who consider themselves "On Your Land" or "On Your Lot" Home Builders'. These builders typically have a stock book of plans displayed on their website for you to choose from which most if not all will allow you to modify or customize their offered plans to fit your vision and your land's unique features. Customizing your new home may also be required to fit CC&Rs or Homeowner Association regulations if you are in a community that has either or both items. 

Once you have researched on-your-land home builders online, start setting up appointments and learning more in person, by phone, or virtually, to get a feel for how each operates in more detail and how much if any "sweat equity" you will be responsible for. If you are working with an on-your-land home builder who is putting a majority if not all the front-end due diligence research on you, which they call part of the "homeowner responsibilities" run fast. They should be helping and guiding you through this process as they are the building pros and if they need to assist with this upfront, what will happen during construction?

Finding Land If I Don't Already Own Land

We recommend talking to the builders and especially the builder you choose to build your home about helping with looking at the land you want to purchase before you sign the contract. Or at minimum sign a contract that has a due diligence period where you can have your builder view and help complete the particularly crucial step of researching if you will be able to build the home you want within your budget. Now your budget may need improvement, however, your builder should be able to give you a ballpark quote to understand if this is a project that will work for you. If you are still looking for land, make sure to utilize a realtor who specializes in finding buildable lots or land and have them work closely with your builder as these professionals are there to help your new home build be successful.

Homes Built On Your Land vs Custom Homebuilding

Custom homebuilding and on-your-land homebuilding are similar in the fact that all the same due diligence research for the land is the same. The regulations are the regulations, and you are only able to build what will be approved by your local building and planning departments. You will also need to adhere to CC&R's and Homeowner Association regulations whether you are building a custom home on your land or stock house plan. The difference is a custom home will cost you tremendously more than starting with an on-your-lot home builder stock plan and customizing with your vision. "Starting from scratch" with a custom home builder will also take a lot more time in the upfront design phase as you are not starting with a proven, pre-designed house plan. 

What Is Next in Learning More About New Home Building?

If you want to learn more about the option of building a new customized home on your land even if it's just to explore if this is an option to consider, contact us by email at or give us a call at 541-678-3607 to learn more. We are here to help when you are ready!


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